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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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5:01 on a wednesday morning, first day of summer good morning i'm m in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us. this morning federal investigators begin their probe into what caused last week's massive fire that damaged the west oakland bart and crippled the transbay commute for 13 hours. >> reporter: take a look behind us. this is what awaits federal investigators when they arrive this morning. just the skeleton of what has to be seenior housing and a big pile of rubble inch from the -- bart tracks. as we show you this video you can see the atf agents have already been on the site
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previously. that was just for planning this morning they expect to go into the rubble and begin their investigation. just because atf is handling this does not mean it is definitely a crime scene but it does indicate they are considering arson as a possible cause of that fire. of course, there is the security guard working that night who have gone on the record saying he saw three people near the back of the building, he believes one had something in his hand. atf as well as oakland fire department are the main investigators on this fire. they will be looking for burn patterns and what they can see inside to tell them how hot and how intense this fire burned. the oakland police department is on the side right now. they will step in and take a larger role in this investigation if it is in fact determined that this was a criminal fire. the fire did reach beyond the structure to bart as we just watched an early morning train go by.
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that causing the transbay turmoil that sent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of commuters into a tailspin looking for a different way to get between the east bay and san francisco. we expect atf investigators out here around 9:00 this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the fight over whether suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi should keep his job back in court next week in front of at things commission hearing. mirkarimi and mayor lee set to testify yesterday was day one of that hearing. amy hollyfield joins us live from city hall with more on that >> reporter: good morning. -- mayor lee has said the city can't have a top law enforcement official who is engaging in beating of his wife. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi says the mayor is engaging in sensationalism and smear tactics. inside the hearing the two did not face off.
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mirkarimi got applauded. he received applause by his supporters when he walked into the hearing room. mirkarimi has not been allowed to see his wife since the case started she is visiting venezuela while mirkarimi fights to keep his job. some of his supporters said they don't think he's getting a fair shake and the courts are trying to break up this family. the commission spent a lot of time on this first day determining what part of written statements from witnesses will be allowed. the commission did toss out significant portions of statements from key witnesses. two main players who will be testifying is ross mirkarimi, scheduled to testify next thursday. right after him will be mayor ed lee. that should be when it gets very interesting. the commission has yet to decide whether mirkarimi's wife will need to come here and testify in person or whether she will be allowed to testify via skype. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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today the contra costa county district attorney's office is expected to tell us more about raids on seven recycling centers suspected of buying stolen copper wire. yesterday a task for -- task force served search warrants. authorities say the centers failed to follow legally required checks when buying metals from uncover officers. bart and pg&e were also involved because they are often the victims of copper wire theft. >> there has to be a point where we stop the chain of theft from ripping off taxpayers to the thieves getting paid. >> pg&e says copper wire thefts have cost the company more than five million dollars since 2005. this afternoon assemblyman case goes before a judge. democrat roger hernandez was arrested march 27th. blood tests show he was
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legally drunk at the time of his arrest. he's expected to enter a plea not clear whether he will be there or if an attorney will enter the plea for him. today former penn state coach jerry sandusky may be called to testify in his child sex abuse trial. the defense is expected to rest after calling last few witnesses. sandusky's wife took the stand yesterday the only other adult in the house when the alleged abuse took place. sandusky faces more than 50 counts of abusing 10 boys over 15 years. mrs. sandusky testified she never saw any inappropriate contact between her husband and his accusers. spotlight turns to sandusky himself his attorney says he hasn't decided if his client will take the stand. wikileaks ahead julian assange seeking asylum in
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ecuador. the 40-year-old assange is trying to avoid extradition to sweden where he's accused of sex crimes. he says if he is sent to sweden he will be extradited to the u.s. where he's been indicted for posting 250,000 state department cables on the internet many classified. this morning the investigation continues in trying to pinpoint the cause of a fire that destroyed a home on mount dab low. crews had a tough time reach=b -- on mount lab 0. it bunned three structures and three acres around the house. firefighters say the house was gutted, damage estimated at $750,000. no one inside at the time. investigators not sure if it started as a grass fire or inside the house. thankfully our fire danger has not been excessively high
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even though temperatures are warming up. we should check in with mike. >> on this first day of summer. >> 4:09. going to coincide with our warmest average at -- warmest afternoon. good morning. clear around the bay monterey bay where doppler is seeing clouds coast hazy five miles visibility at half moon bay the rest of us unlimited thanks to the high pressure and its sinking air which brought in drier air. mainly in the 50s through 7:00 with sunshine noon 80s inland mid 70s around the bay upper 50s at the coast. this afternoon hottest from 1 to 3, still near 90 inland by 4:00, near 80 around the bay, 60 at the coast. by 7:00, still near 80 inland, 70 around the bay, 59 at the coast. going to be another day as far
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as allergens high amounts of tree, grass, ragweed, moderate amounts of mold what a difference a day makes, 6 to 16° cooler, breezy tomorrow with shine, clouds cooler by a couple degrees for friday and saturday. the heat one and done by tomorrow, gone. here's sue. good morning. live shot of san rafael 101 southbound lucas valley road here past freitas parkway on to the civic center traffic light southern marin roadwork that in a moment. southbound 680 headlights past north main on to highway 24 i should say taillights headed southbound towards 24 no problems 24 west through the caldecott tunnel into the san francisco area. roadwork repaving in southern marin southbound between greenbrae and sausalito. some northbound lanes off the
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waldo into marin there might be pick-up there should be clearing by 5:30 this morning. westbound 580, stall center divide before grantline continues to be a good compute so far from the central valley up and over the altamont pass. northbound 680 roadwork will be picked up by 5:30. mass transit good way to go everybody is running on schedule. still ahead, facebook's newest way to generate revenue. >> firefighters battle to stop a house fire in the east bay from becoming a raging wildfire. extra help washington giving to the thousands of workers who lost in the closure of fremont's newly auto plant they lost their job.
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good morning. all eyes on the economy bombshell deal at the g-20, trillion dollar bailout for spain and italy. bernanke may announce today the fed is taking action to shore up the economy. further evidence the economy feeds help, employers posting fewest job openings in five months 12 1/2 million unemployed that means average of nearly four people for
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every open job. home prices are rising slowly but not everywhere. houses in good neighborhoods near transportation and top notch schools are easy to sell. highest paid actresses sandra bullock third with 25 million dollars, second cameron diaz 34 mil and first place kristen stewart 34 1/2 million just 24-years-old. >> investigators trying to determine if the cause of a fire that gutted a vacant home on the southern slope of mt. diablo. this video shows flames threatening a home next door yesterday nobody was hurt the flames burned three nearby acres of grass, including land inside mt. diablo state park. firefighters point out the fire serves as a reminder of how important it is to clear brush from homes located in wild land areas. >> we've been very aggressive
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in our -- getting people to clear properties, have defensible -- set up fuel breaks some of the neighbors received those letters and they see right now the importance of that >> investigators have not determined what sparked the fire. so far they don't know fit is started in the house or -- they don't know if it started in the house or a wildfire that spread to the home. labor department money will be used to provide reemployment services and job training for the 4800 employees who were laid off after the toyota plant' closure in 2010. [ inaudible ] arbitrator awarded marin general hospital more than 21 million dollars in its suit against sutter health. the hospital sued for 120
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million dollars two years ago saying sutter improperly took the money from marin general's accounts while it was being operated by sutter after the county announced it was taking over in 2006. had a 20 year contract to -- sutter had a 20 year contract but ended early in 2010 new revenue source for facebook. starting july the menlo park based social at network will let app developers charge users subscription fees for games on its site. facebook will take a 30% cut from all payments on its site. payment for items such as chips on zynga poker accounted for 17% of revenue in the first quarter. team of stanford scientists punched hole in leading solution to global warming. cd is captured and -- carbon
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dioxide is captured and stored underground even small quakes to make the storm reservoirs rupture and release the co 2 they say that makes it impossible to store the gases to significantly reduce carbon gas. mike is here no doubt has thoughts about that and the weather. a lot of heat they are going to associate that with the greenhouse gases probably a lot of talk about that on message boards today. here at home, 5:17 looking down from mount tamalpais on a calm bay right now. this time tomorrow boy are we going to have winds and winds of change will drop our temperatures dramatic limb if you like the heat get out today and enjoy that 14 hours 46 minutes and 53 seconds of our longest day of the year. live doppler looks quiet right now picking up the clearness that is outside awaiting you as high pressure dominating.
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keeping it warm in one area antioch 69, 60s san jose, mountain view and live more everybody else 50s around the monterey bay marine layer clouds upper 40s to lower 50s significantly cooler there today warmest summer solstice 4:09 this afternoon sun reaches its northern most trip this go round cloudy tonight, sea breeze comes back cooling trend thursday through the weekend. today 11° warmer in livermore with 93. napa 87. 86 in san jose. oakland 75. san francisco 70. redwood city -- sun will set 8:35. mid to upper 80s south bay. mid to upper 70s millbrae and san mateo. low to mid 60s along the coast near 70 downtown and south san francisco. mid to upper 80s north bay
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valleys. mid to upper 70s most of the east bay shore. fremont, castro valley hercules 8282. low to mid 90s east bay valleys -- low to mid 70s watsonville, -- a's did it helped the giants blanked the dodgers 3-0, 7:05 first pitch, 69 dropping to 59 many lows tonight in the 50s drizzle and mist possible along the coast, 49° around santa rosa. today, we have a very warm day inland and by tomorrow, the sea breeze comes back and watch that temperature drop, 50s to 70s instead of 60s to 90s like today, 50s along the coast, 70s inland through the rest of the forecast. have a great day. this morning traffic is light all the way around the bay area beautiful morning this is 280 heading northbound from san jose towards
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cupertino very light. out of santa cruz mountains highway 17 construction around summit no traffic problems associated with that. gorgeous morning this is 80 westbound east shore freeway past golden gate fields in the berkeley estuary into the macarthur maze. you are in company there but traffic flowing we don't have problems into the toll plaza, bay bridge there you have it traffic flowing smoothly no metering lights. sky getting lighter, sun about ready to come up. it looks like it is going to be a gorgeous day. if you are traveling on 880 to 84, carquinez bridge to the maze, still less than 20 minutes. 580 off the altamont pass good ride into the dublin pleasanton area. what a shot behind us for the first day of summer. >> right. you heard mike saying the a's helped the giants yesterday. unfortunately, the giants didn't help themselves out. we'll have the baseball scores
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coming up next. also, the heat turn it up a notch or two. lebron james and company making a comeback within more win from the title. highlights of --'s" kristen stewart at $34.5 million at just 22 years old. that's "america's money." i'm paula faris. [ female announcer ] irritated, itchy, summer skin?
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count on cortizone-10. with the strongest, nonprescription itch medicine for fast relf. and seven moisturizers. cortizone-10. feel the heal. checking baseball scores giants came in second again
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the angels in anaheim 12-5 the final zito having a rough outing. the a's help giants by shutting out dodgers 3-0 two meet tonight first pitch 7:05. the miami heat one game away from winning the franchise's second nba title. last james led with 26 points overcoming a 17nzz4 point first half deficit. westbrook led the thunder with 43 points, wade and charmers added 25 points for the heat which took a lead, 104-98 victory over oklahoma city. the heat will have a chance to close out the series tonight in miami. coverage starts 5:30. twilight star kristen stewart has parlayed that franchise into serious money. according to the forbes list
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the 22-year-old commands 30 thunder shower 1/2 million cameron diaz gets 34 million per movie. sandra bullock makes 25 million per flick. not a bad drop-off. jennifer aniston nearly on food stamps with 11 million dollars. >> trailer comes out today for the last twilight movie. there's something new under the sun, on the planet closest to it an image of mickey mouse our boss on mercury. picture snapped by nasa's messenger probe the first satellite to orbit the sun's nearest neighbor. nasa says it is accumulation of ancient craters. mickey had nothing to do with it. 7 is owned by the disney company. >> we are not taking over
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interplanetary action with >> we might that is cool stuff. 5:25 now. fireworks city hall in the ethics hearing against ross mirkarimi. the tough words the mayor had for the suspended sheriff. peninsula care facility set to shutdown is saved. who will take over operations? >> grilling the head of the dea is expected to get on capitol hill this morning about the prosecution scandal involving some federal agents. high temperatures across our neighborhoods from the 60s at the coast, 70s and 80s around the bay shore, 80s and 90s inland. it is going to be warm just about anywhere you head today. we have a wealth of 90s from chicago, st. louis, dallas, new orleans, d.c., new york, boston 111 phoenix, seattle and portland mid to upper 70s. newark with flight departure delays everybody else running on time not only here but also for all of california.
5:27 am flight tracker at the bottom.
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5:30 on this first day of summer summer will be here in 11 hours or so i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas.
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and i'm kristen sze. it won't be long before ross mere american at mayor each tests before the ethics commission. their war of words was heating up yesterday as the commission opened mirkarimi's misconduct hearing. amy hollyfield is live at city hall. >> reporter: the commission is still trying to work out key details this is unprecedented, unchartered territory. details such as whether mirkarimi's wife will be testifying here in person or whether she will be allowed to do it from venezuela, via skype we are still waiting to hear some of those details. check out what happened when mirkarimi walked into the hearing yesterday. he was by his supporters who were there to watch the proceedings. mirkarimi believes that mayor ed lee is undermining the will of the voters by trying to throw him out of office. mirkarimi and his wife got in a fight on new year's, that lead to domestic violence
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charges. when mirkarimi pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor charge, the mayor suspended him from his job. the ethics commission will recommend whether he should be reinstated. the mayor said yesterday before the hearing started that the city cannot have a top law enforcement official who engaged in the beating of his wife. >> resorting to sendization alism, that's what the case has been -- sensationalism, that's what the case has been about since day one. mayor lee is trying to undermine -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the ethics commission has not decided whether the video of mirkarimi's wife crying and showing the bruise on her arm will be considered in the hearing. the mayor wants it in, mirkarimi does not. we know that mirkarimi himself will be testifying next week. he's scheduled to take the stand thursday.
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mayor lee will follow him. this hearing is expected to last for several weeks. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning the atf will officially begin the investigation into what sparked a huge west oakland fire last week that lead to a shutdown of bart's transbay service. members of the national response team will begin searching rubble of a retirement home destroyed by the three-alarm blaze the site was under construction when it went up in flames early thursday morning. the blaze was suspicious and may have been intentionally set. flames went over to the raised section of the bart tracks. atf investigators will begin investigation at 9:00 this morning. katie marzullo will have a live report in our next half hour. bicyclist who hit and killed a pedestrian in the castro district earlier this year will be arraigned this afternoon. 36-year-old chris bucchere is facing felony vehicular man is
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lauter charges after he plowed into a 71-year-old at market and castro april 2nd. he was killed in the collision. witnesses say bucchere was flying through red lights. prosecutors allege he made no effort to stop or slow down. bucchere was charged and realized last week, leased on bail. security officials in egypt say hosni mubarak is now off life support but still alive after suffering a stroke in prison. he has been serving a life sentence for failing to stop the killing of protesters during last year's uprising. the unrest continues and protests are growing in tahrir square. lisa amin gulezian has more. >> reporter: cairo's tahrir square is once again ground zero for change. symbolic gathering placed place for egyptians demanding more. the uprising is the result of what called this month's outrageous actions by the
5:35 am
military which currently controls egypt. the military dissolved the country's number i licked prime minister men and plans to re-- newly elected parliament and plans to rewrite the constitution. >> that's in a sense circumventing all of what the egyptian people who wanted department city and staged vast protests in tahrir square over a year ago and consequently are very upset about it. >> reporter: the instability in the mideast's most important country saddens the egypt important silicon valley venture capitalist. thought the country was changing course that led to the ousting of then president hosni mubarak. >> i felt this year we would have an elected parliament that we would have to a president like for example elbaradei or someone else.
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>> whatever happens the consequences are going to be bad for some a little better for others. >> reporter: lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. the prostitution scandal involving federal agents in colombia takes spotlight on capitol hill this morning. administrator will testify before a house committee members will question her about the conduct of her agents. three of them were accused alongside secret service agents of hiring prostitutes while in the south american country in april to prepare for president obama's visit. later today, parents are expected to learn how much public money a former superintendent may have embezzled from the portola valley school district. the board will hold a meeting 5:00 tonight to reveal details on the alleged embezzlement by tim hanretty he made fist his court appears yesterday after being arrested and charged with using the district's
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money to renovate his own woodside home. hanretty faces charges that he stole money from his previous employer the woodside elementary school district. a long term care facility in burlingame slated foreclosure will remain open. supervisors approved a plan to allow a los angeles health care company to take over operations at the burlingame long term care facility home to more than 160 disabled patients. the county voted to close the facility in february saying the building was unsafe. the new agreement with the private company will keep the site open parts of that building will be retrofited for earthquake safety. this morning investigators trying to determine the cause of a bet fire that forced everyone onboard to jump overboard near -- near the antioch bridge. the owner says he was taking some people fourth a lied when the vessel suddenly erupted in flames. after jumping into the water,
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everyone swam to safety. the fire also torched a nearby pier. nobody was hurt and the boat sank. in contra costa county, residents might be seeing smoke in the air. firefighters continue their annual control burn at camp parks, seven departments are participating in the exercise. the control burn is done each year to reduce fire hazards and provides valuable training. officials say a 100% containment firebreak has been established around the training area to prevent any fire that may go past the planned burn. controlled burns are planned through friday. 5:38. just getting that feeling this is going to be a long day. >> and a gorgeous day. at least right now just so beautiful back there. >> let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco on this summer solstice day. let's talk about how it is
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clear in most areas, cloudy around the monterey bay, cooler there temperatures i should say visibility unlimited the coast five due to haze more than anything else. temperatures now in the fives and 60s where they will stay through 7:00. as -- as we head towards the lunch hour warm inland with 70s and 80s near 90 antioch and fairfield 70s around the bay, 50 half moon bay, 66 san francisco, 4:00 60 at half moon bay, 68 san francisco, 73 oakland, 80s for the rest of us. 7:00 you feel the breezes along the coast, clouds developing 59 half moon bay, 62 san francisco, oakland 69 in san rafael, the rest of us in the 70s and 80s. high amounts of tree, grass, rag wield, moderate mold. tomorrow, 6 to 16° cooler --
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clouds afternoon sun and breezy same forecast through friday and saturday. good morning heading out now traffic doing well smoothly this wednesday morning. live look at southbound 101 lucas valley road towards freitas parkway to central san rafael light, roadwork in novato and southern marin due to pick up any time. here's the bay bridge toll, metering lights off, beautiful morning upper deck clear no problems incline into san francisco. interesting information for you, roadwork 101 both directions from petaluma ongoing you are familiar with it traffic right now not affected. westbound 580 before grant line still have that stall center divide good out of the central valley speeds of five to 55 -- 50 to 55
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miles per hour. 880, northbound using southbound new configuration there may be slow traffic through oakland. 5:41 on this first day of summer. still ahead, judge set to make critical decision that could affect future of some bay area high school students who took part in a prank that went too far. dozens killed, hundreds injured, new report lays out human cost of high speed police chases
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a will decide whether
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suspensions of dozens of seniors violated their right to due process. the judge will also decide if suspensions this month should be taken off the records of the 67 seniors. monday a judge ruled all would be allowed to make up finals they missed. seniors were not allowed to attend graduation because they were suspended for a prank officials say were vandalism that included graffiti, chaining a sheep to a post. the students graduated off campus. the chp adopting new policy to discourage dangerous and deadly chases. study shows more innocent bystanders are injured or killed by chases than stray bullets more than 10,000 in the past 10 years in this chase, a fleeing driver kept going after the tires disintegrated when it hit a
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spike strip. this ended on 680 in alamo. other chases end tragically this one in los angeles ended with two elderly people struck by a stolen buick outside a crowded mall. >> a car came around the corner and literally slammed into them in the crosswalk. >> they were badly injured? >> horrifically injured. i've never seen anything like that. >> the ch -- the chp note ofs a tiny traction of the stops turned into high speed chases --. bloomberg business report is next. latest word on what the romney campaign is saying about reports of a popular florida senator being out of running in the race for vice presidential spot. hot, hot, hot! heat we've gripping bake part of the nation. nation now joining the next year's battle for the america's cup right here in san francisco.
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welcome back. warmest inland low to mid 90s
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east bay valleys north bay and south bay mid to upper 80s. low to mid 60s at the coast. traveling around the state no weather worries live doppler over the last two hours showing a clear sky. let's take about the forecast. hot around fresno 101, 112 in palm springs the beaches around l.a. and san diego 75 l.a., 68 in san diego. 79 in tahoe. republican presidential candidate mitt romney says florida senator marco rubio is in fact under serious consideration for being selected as his running mate. yesterday abc news reported unnamed republican sources said rubio was not being vetted. romney says rubio is on the list. he says only two people in the entire country make that the world know who is being considered, himself and his senior adviser who he put in charge of the search.
5:50 am
vice president joe biden back in washington this morning after a brief campaign swing through california to pick up more campaign cash. he was in sacramento holding a fundraiser near the state capital yesterday afternoon ticket prices raged between $500 and $3700 each. california remains the number one state in the u.s. for presidential fundraising this year. the official start of summer is today expected to bring record breaking hot temperatures to many parts of the country some will top 100° today and tomorrow. here's paula farris with the latest. >> reporter: it is a cruel, cruel summer many in the east are about to find out how cruel oppressive heat and record high temperatures can be. much of the midwest blanketed in the heat for days. folks in the chicago area tried to flee the temps by flock to beaches and pools. >> trying to keep cool. i wanted to bring her out. >> reporter: for people who
5:51 am
rides an as fall paving machine for 10 hours a day there is no escaping the -- heat. >> like the hottest job. we have suits but never pull them out it holds the heat in so i don't put 'em on. >> reporter: the temps have made it miserable for those battling wildfires out west in colorado firefighters are working 16 hour shifts danger from the heat is extreme. even driving can be hazardous as motorists in south dakota learned after the road appeared to buckle right underneath them. the greater flint boys and girls club hosted football practice outside the kids didn't mind the heat took frequent water breaks. >> we are going to have to try to find shade there's not a lot, water and take a lot of breaks. >> reporter: something those braving the heat in the east
5:52 am
today might want to keep in mind. paula farris, abc news, new york. 5:51. parts of the day area will be feeling the heat as well. summer starts 4:09 this afternoon. astronomical summer on the way check out beautiful sunrise from sutro tower this morning live doppler reinforcing it is clear outside. we could use rain we are not going to get any. 60 san jose, 61 mountain view and livermore, everybody else dress for the 50s when you step out. cloud cover monterey bay and inland upper 40s to low 50s warmest today of this seven day forecast cycle. summer solstice 4:09. cloudy tonight a little mist possible at the coast cooling trend tomorrow through the weekend.
5:53 am
who has the longest day around the bay area? santa rosa 14 hours -- [ unintelligible ] san jose 14 hours -- [ unintelligible ] >> concord and san jose santa rosa warming up five degrees. hayward one. nice day before the sunsets 8:35 unless you don't like the heat mid to upper 70s most of the east bay shore. mid to upper 80s south bay today, los gatos warm spot near 90 millbrae and san mateo mid to upper 70s low to mid 80s peninsula. south san francisco flirting with 70.
5:54 am
20° warmer in valleys, 65 monterey. 92 inland to gilroy. the a's helped out the giants last night will they do it again tonight? tonight's temperatures clouds rolling in we'll have those low to mid 50s clouds signify sea breeze is back temperatures tomorrow six degrees at the coast to 16° cooler inland if you use the air conditioner today, fuggedaboudit for tomorrow. maybe the longest day of the year nice short commute for most folks no major traffic jams. coming up off the golden gate bridge, sunshine, no fog traffic moving well out of the waldo tunnel into san francisco new doyle drive replacement. macarthur maze going well 580, 880 to the bay bridge toll where metering lights remain off, traffic is nicely flowing
5:55 am
upper deck in the san francisco area past treasure island no problems had there. new accident to report 880 northbound oakland area before embarcadero big rig right lane so far sensors not showing slowing. here's a look at drive times san mateo bridge westbound 80 to the maze and 580 off the altamont still looking good. our time is 5:55. just in time for the summer one company dives into the vacation business you can buy your trip on lay away. >> jane king has the business report. you still need to lock your car but you probably don't need to be as worried about auto theft as you used to be. auto theft is on the decline. crime bureau says fbi data indicates it dropped in 2011 or the 8th year in a row thanks to more security features. state college pennsylvania had lowest rate of any metro area in the nation. fresno, california had highest. job cuts underway research in
5:56 am
motion struggling blackberry maker trying to cut a billion dollars in operating costs a year it tense to lose customers going for iphones androids if you want to start planning a vacation but aren't ready to pay for it yet. starting today, you can buy flights, cruises, car rentals and vacation packages by credit card or on layaway on sears 100 vacations for $399 or less from now to the end of july. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. the san rafael police department making up and moving out of its offices at city hall temporarily. upgrades to the current police officers mean the department will be partially displaced for four months today temporary trailers will be brought in to the parking lot the current location on fifth avenue, that means traffic tie-ups today beginning at 5:30 this morning, 26 minutes
5:57 am
ago they started, lasting until 1:00 this afternoon. rides may get smoother thanks to infusion of street maintenance funding board of supervisors approved additional eight million dollars earmarked for fixing streets in busy corridors beginning next year on top of the 7 1/2 million for road maintenance. more than 1300 miles of roads in inun-- unincorporated sonoma county. still ahead, federal investigators begin digging through the rubble of the fire that damaged the tracks of the west oakland bart station and stopped the transbay commute last week. fight against superbugs. michael finney has advice on how you can minimize your risk for getting the bacteria. of t
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